Opinions of a murri woman...

Opinions of a murri woman...

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Dragonfly...

WOW, 26 years old... So this is what it feels like.... *crickets chirp*.... It actually doesn’t feel any different except for my aching back. No, it’s not from old age or a bad romp in the sack, it’s sore because I finally got my first tattoo this week... I’m not gonna lie... My back feels like I’ve gone out into the sun, sat in it for about 12hours, and then let a fully grown man punch me in my sunburnt back repeatedly...

I’ve wanted ‘inc’ for a long time, but like other wimpy people, I’ve never wanted to fully commit myself to a piece of artwork on my body for all of eternity unless it was of some meaning. Oh and the pain, that could’ve also been a reason why I’ve gone without a tattoo for this long.

I always envisioned my first tattoo being some sort of picture I had drawn myself, something small and meaningful, but as it turns out, my first amount of Inc has been born out of a not so ideal situation.

My mother was a lover of Dragonflies. Anyone that knew her, or had been to her house, would know the love she possessed for those little flying creatures. She had dragonfly earrings, dragonfly necklaces, ornaments, wall hangings, statues, and other nick knacks all devoted to this one insect. It wasn’t until her death and these past few months that have followed, that I realised why she loved them so much.

The small delicate creature known as the dragonfly, flies quickly with precision, skimming across the water ways and creeks, moving in a way that looks as if they are deliberately dancing, going up and down, side to side, stopping only ever to hover above its selected place of destination to sip the cool spring water or relax its wings on a warm rock in the sun. This insect so small that moves so quickly, with colours so bright and wings so clear, really does remind you of the little things that make our planet so special.

Since mum passed away, the innocent dragonfly has stood out to me more so than in the past. Whenever I think of her, or miss her in times or occasions where I know she would’ve been with me and our family, I tend to see dragonflies at that very moment. Each to their own, but I believe that there is more than one life if you haven’t learnt your lessons, and reincarnation is not just a myth. I’m not saying my mum has reincarnated into a dragonfly, far from it, I just know that at these very moments, dragonflies tend to appear and always remind me of my mum.

Four months later with mum gone, there was no doubt in my mind what I was going to get as my first tattoo. The dragonfly I drew for my tattoo design isn’t the most feminine dragonfly. It has no colour; it is simply black, bold, loud and strong, reflecting the personality of my mum. Its wings have Aboriginal rainforest strokes inside of them to reflect our heritage, and it is tattooed on as if in a Hovering flight mode; a symbolic gesture of my mum’s continued journey beyond this life.

As I sat for 2.5 hours in the tattoo shop, with a number of small needles puncturing my second layer of skin, all laying down the strokes and lines needed to create my dragonfly, I thought of mum. I thought of her dancing to random songs just like the dragonfly dances when it flies. I thought of her cruising in her Toyota Camry from place to place, just as the dragonfly cruises independently up stream. I remembered her vibrant colourful T-shirts and jewellery she would wear, just like the dragonflies colourful body as it hits the sunlight. As I sat in pain, I knew that every inch of this Inc on my back was for my mum. I chose my back as the canvas for ‘Wayne’ my tattooist, because I know my mother always has my back, now and forever.

As much as I am still in pain, I’ve looked at this tattoo everyday since I’ve had it and it instantly reminds me of my mum. They say tattoos are addictive and I can see why. I’ve already started to think of more designs for my next one. My first tattoo though will always remain my favourite. For anyone contemplating getting their first tattoo, I say do it! If you have good reason, then even better; it truly is an art form and I am grateful for the eternity of Inc I now possess.

Until next time...

One Love, One Life.... XX

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