Opinions of a murri woman...

Opinions of a murri woman...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can I Get Directions To and From Goodbye?

Love, kindness, selflessness, compassion, patience and respect; these are just a few of the values that I believe nearly everyone growing up gets taught... These values are often easy to show and practice towards others but funnily enough, not always given in return at times when you need them the most.

It’s funny how life works when it comes to love and relationships. We will more often than not meet people in times when we aren’t searching and the feelings of joy and happiness of sharing your life with another start to take over. Excitement enters your life and all you can think about is that person and how they make you feel. You begin to know what makes each other tick, your dislikes, the things you share in common and begin to develop a level of genuine care for each other. So how do we go from all of this to eventually falling out of love?

We’ve all had those moments when we’ve gone from those heightened emotions of joy and euphoria to having enough of a person, not feeling it, having our loved one walk away from us or just being over the whole relationship you once shared with that person. When it’s time to part ways, no one likes to say goodbye, our minds try their best to keep on track but our heart tells us another story and toys with every emotion we have inside of us.

Depending on the break up/departure, I’ve realised other certain characteristics we don’t show as much in life, suddenly make an appearance; Ruthlessness being one of them and being straight up heartless when we need to be, the other. If break ups were meant to be easy, we’d all still be with the ones we once loved. When it’s time to be ruthless, heartless and unforgiving, we need to be in order for our hearts to heal and our souls to regather it’s self.

The biggest mistake we make is holding onto something that we know we should let go of. What we don’t realise is, when we hold on to something ‘that once was’, all we are doing is emotionally crippling ourselves. Although we may be sad and shed countless amounts of tears about it, if we hold onto something when it’s clearly not going to work, we only have ourselves to blame for all of the heartache we will feel day in and day out. If we chose to live with the pain others inflict on us instead of saying, ‘No, I deserve better than this’, then we are subconsciously choosing that life of inbetween and misery.

Emotional baggage that our pasts leave with us is enough to change you as a person. It is no secret that to fully stop caring about a person you once loved takes time but it also begs the question, ‘Once we delete people from our lives, do we ever really stop loving or caring for them, or do we just pretend too when it’s time to cut the cord? The bad news is, we will always care about a person we once cared for, no matter how bad they treated us or what they put us through, it’s human nature to do so, but the good news is, with time, our mind's soon start to forget about them, and our hearts go on to eventually love others.

People will always come into our lives and leave for different reasons. The heartache when you experience a break up clouds your thought process and you are unable to see exactly why it is you are both departing. There is a lesson to be learned in every person we meet and say goodbye too in life if we really sit and think about it. How that person impacted you at the time inevitably goes on to shape the person you are today and what kind of person you will be emotionally in the future.

Perhaps we become weaker from our breakups and maybe walk away from it stronger. Depending on the reasons for saying goodbye, some of us may lose trust in love, or some may in fact grow faith that there is some one better waiting for them just around the corner. Either way we look at it, it’s just another one of life’s lessons that we need to learn and grow from. When it's time to go forward and say goodbye to the person you once cared for, just remember to let the old you guide the new you. Let go when it’s time to let go and move on with faith and hope that life will bring you the joy you truly deserve in time.

The directions to goodbye and beyond are easy to find once you start to shift your way through the pain. The sadness you feel now, will get easier IF YOU LET IT...

Until then,

One Love, One Life X

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