Opinions of a murri woman...

Opinions of a murri woman...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You know you've grown up as a black kid in North Queensland when...

1. Salty plums, lemon and salt, green mango, tamrind, and vinegar brew are your version of 'lollies'.

2. You check any toilets, especially public toilets for green frogs before you use them during wet season.

3. You know the best place to get salty plums in the far north is from Lee longs store in Gordenvale.

4. You get flogged by your black mum/dad if you don't come home before it gets dark.

5. You're frightened of your own shadow thanks to too many black ghost stories told to you by your elders! (Hairy man, small man, half man half horse, feather foot, egg man etc)

6. Your mum or dad had a chillie bottle filled with birds eye chillies in a brew to add to food or to give you if you were being cheeky or if you ever swore.

7. You know the best creek in Far North Queensland is Harveys Creek.

8. You always wished cyclones would come or rivers would flood so you could stay home from school.

9. You got take away food only once a fortnight (only on mums pension week)

10. NAIDOC week at school was the bomb because there would be kap mauri feeds and members of your family would come and give talks and make you look popular.

11. You have these words in your everyday vocab:

-Which way
- You fla
-up ya
-in ya
- jurda
- big ol
- moonie
- moiyou
- truuueeee
- TG
- You lie
- frick
- La
- there la
- dawg
- yowal
- auntyyy, unncllleee

12. Your group of friends at school were all your cousins.

13. You got that one cousin who could play professional football but doesn't go cause he'll get too home sick!

14. When you go to a family party and your aunties cook the following standard dishes:

- chicken vermacelli
- coconut curry chicken
- damper
- rice
- bully beef
- blachun

15. You hardly date any black boys or black girls because they might be your relations!

16. You were made to have afternoon sleep with your mum or aunties because THEY Were tired!!!

17. You grew up listening to Yothu Yindi, archie roach, kev carmody, coloured stone, midnight oil, cold chiesel, van morrison, dire straits, paul kelly, creedence, bob marley, Kc and the sunshine band, allan jackson, george strait, brooks & dunn, lionel richie, michael jackson, whitney houston, mariah carey and 90's Rnb and hip hop

18. You got flogged by your black mum/dad with the follow items:

- shoes
- belt
- cord
- broom
- wooden spoon
- bamboo stick
- plastic egg flip spachelor
- hand
- anything in their reach when they're chasing you!

19. You got flogged more for crying about getting flogged the first time .... Mum: 'Gonnneee, keep going, I'm gonna hit you again you keep crying!!!..

20. You'd hide your money at school or else someone would hit you up for loan and scab money for tuckshop off you otherwise.

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